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Women in business: through the glass ceiling

The Evening Standard recently reported on the news that there are currently only two women left running major listed in the UK namely: Angela Ahrendts of Burberry and Alison Cooper at Imperial Tobacco.

Whilst there’s plenty of comment on the EU quota to improve the number of women serving on Plc boards and tons of research about the glass ceiling, there are few innovative ideas about how to achieve this. Whilst organisations and executive search consultants will need to find new ways to increase representation on short-lists and ultimately boards, this won’t be sustainable unless there are fundamental changes in the way that women ‘show up’.

The Evening Standard article went on to talk about how women can improve their personal impact and raise their ‘power status’. Citing a number of leadership skills that may come more naturally to men; such as verbal impact and exhibiting a healthy level of self-confidence, they propose several recommended techniques. These include having an open posture to reduce stress and increase testosterone, and developing a wide vocal range to become more engaging. They also suggest that having the greatest 'reach' is important. This means reaching as many people as possible by being aware that they tend to fall into four major personality & communication styles: 'expressives' who want to know about the big picture, 'directs' who want results, 'amiables' who need to trust your ability and 'analyti who want a logical method for action.

None of this is new but, with women’s continued lack of presence in the board room, it makes sense for aspiring female leaders to explore what’s available in terms of executive coaching & training courses designed specifically to help them get there.

At Results, our coaching offer includes bespoke, one-to-one leadership coaching for female executives aimed at getting you onto those all-important short-lists and achieving success at board level!

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