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Succeeding in a new role

Appointing new management involves both time and money, and organisations have a limited time frame to ensure they get a return on their investment. In 'The First 90 Days', Michael Watkins says that the first three months in a job will largely determine success or failure. For executives going into a new role, there are generally more preconceptions about their ability and additional pressure to succeed. In spite of this, a significant number of employers lack a structured approach to supporting them during this critical stage.


So what can be done to address this?


  • Before they start - making sure the individual feels they belong from offer stage onwards: this might include working with executive search firms to ensure new hires have relevant information about how the company operates, spending time in the business with the boss, at team meetings and informal networking via social events or professional networks such as Linked In. This stage also offers employers the chance to identify development needs and work out how best to address them; structured interviewing and feedback from Search consultants and assessment centres can provide valuable insights in this area.


  • Understanding the profile of the person joining and helping them make the right first impression: businesses can assist by pairing new starters with a mentor and engaging an external Coach to allow them to talk openly about what's working well, their initial concerns and areas where additional support is needed. This has the additional benefit of making them feel genuinely valued by the hiring organisation.


  • Clarity of purpose and accountability: having clear job specifications, well defined personal KPI's and objectives are also important. Equally the new hire must take responsibility for their own success.


The Results ethos has always been to operate as an extension of our clients' people & talent activity. Our processes are focused on accurately representing the hiring organisation as well as supporting the successful candidate through the selection process to start date, and during the induction phase via First 100 day coaching. 


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